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Lingotek 7.x-7.00 Release Notes

Introducing version 7.x-7.00 of the Lingotek Translation module for Drupal! With this release come language-specific translation profiles, along with several other significant new features. Please note also the format of XML documents for entities uploaded to and downloaded from Lingotek has changed with this new version; so before making any changes to translations on the Lingotek TMS, the source document related to the changes should first be re-uploaded. The major improvements to the module in this release include the following:

Free Machine Translation With In Context Review

Lingotek has offered free machine translation and post-edit to the entire Drupal community free of charge. Using the Lingotek Translation module, users can machine translate their entire site and also make changes to that translation using the Lingotek workbench. Here’s how you can take advantage of this awesome free option:

Translation Of Drupal's Field Collections Entity Type

As the number of Drupal clients to the Lingotek service continues to rise, we have come across many who are using the popular Field Collections module to add structure and functionality to their web content. Lingotek's goal with the Lingotek Translation module for Drupal is to dramatically simplify the process of translating an entire site.