Enabling the Module

After installing the module, you can enable it in a few simple steps.

To enable the module,

  1. Go to the Drupal admin menu and select Modules.
    Lingotek Drupal Menu Modules
    From the Modules page, search for the newly installed Lingotek plug-in. To do this, click the List tab and then type “Lingotek” into the Filter list search box.

    Drupal Lingotek Module Install New Module

  2. From the filter results, click to turn On the Lingotek Translation module. (The On switch will change to green).
  3. Scroll down and click Save configuration to enable the Lingotek module.


Once the module is enabled, a new Translation tab will display in the Drupal Admin menu...

Lingotek Drupal Translation Module - Translation Main Menu

…and a new Translations tab will be available on each individual node.

Lingotek Drupal Translation Module Translate in Context