Feature List


Image used with permission, Emission Nebula NGC6357.  Courtesy of Hubble Site, STScI.

With Lingotek's advanced technology, translate entities
–such as field labels and interface strings–
formerly locked into the code.


Fine tune your translation preferences by language and by content type. 


Automate translations for:

  • Drupal Entities (e.g. nodes, comments)
  • Drupal Menus
  • Drupal Blocks
  • Drupal Field Collections
  • Drupal t() function strings within modules, themes, or JavaScript
  • Custom properties and content
  • Taxonomy, Views, Field Labels, Built-in Interface, Miscellaneous Strings
  • …and more!


Find flexible options:

  • Fine-tune translation preferences by content type and by language
  • Easily prepare your Drupal site for translation with the Lingotek wizard
  • Optionally lock translated items so they cannot be changed
  • Send automatic email alerts
  • Choose automatic triggers for the next workflow phase
  • Automatically download completed translations to your corporate website for in-context review or immediate publishing


Choose bulk settings for language profiles:

  • Choose default source/target languages for each language profile
  • Choose translators, project managers


Automate publishing options:

  • Easily automate translations for low-value content while zeroing in on high-value content
  • Add extra translation steps for high value content (e.g. Basic Pages, Articles) and high value languages
  • Set up machine translation for low value content (e.g. Blog posts, Customer Comments) or low value languages (e.g. fringe markets)
  • Choose default target languages, based on the source language
    (e.g. Translate English articles into Spanish, French, and German; translate German articles into English only)
  • Automatically publish low value content (e.g. Blogs); manually publish high value content (e.g. Pages)





Supported Modules:
Entity Translation, Field Collection, Fieldable Panels Panes (beta), Message, Metatag, Panels, Pathauto, Rules, Workbench Moderation


Image used with permission, Emission Nebula NGC6357.  Courtesy of Hubble Site, STScI.