Introducing The Drupal Association Technology Partner Program

Ask and you shall receive! The Drupal Technology Partner Program

We set off to find a lightweight way to attract these kinds of companies so they can engage and educate the community about their technologies, what problems they solve and how they integrate with other technologies. We decided the best way to create a win-win was a partner program, so we created the Drupal Technology Partner Program. Partners win because they get a structured way to give back and communicate with community members who want to learn about them. This communication ranges from the Drupal Association posting about newly available educational material and DrupalCon sponsorship discounts to (pitch-free) webinars. The community wins because of the new opportunities to learn, and partners pay a program fee to join which further funds our Tech Team and improvements.

We tested the partner program concept with several companies who have sponsored DrupalCon in the past such as JetBrains, Lingotek, and SugarCRM. What we found is they WANT to be part of our community and support the program.

Yes, they are motivated to get their software purchased, but they know some of their success is due to Drupal’s success and these companies want to give back. And what can I say? The Drupal community is irresistible and even these software companies want to be one of us. As we say: Come for the Code. Stay for the Community.

Also during our program testing, we discovered that: They want to educate you, not pitch you on their product. They know anything “salesly” won’t resonate with the community. They want a streamlined and appropriate way to educate those who want to be educated. Let’s face it, we are a big global community and it’s not always easy for an “outsider” to know how to engage with the us. This partner program will show them how to engage the community appropriately.

So with their feedback, we created and launched the Drupal Technology Partner Program in mid-August. We already have eight Drupal Technology Partners, who are excited to help fund improvements and help anyone who wants to learn about their offerings. These partners include:

Cloud Troopers, Janrain, JetBrains, Lingotek, MaxCDN, Microsoft, SugarCRM, Verbatim Solutions.

These companies are now developing helpful educational materials, which we will share as they come available. It’s worth repeating here that we NEVER share contact information with partners or anyone else. In the meantime, I hope you will welcome these companies into the community (and many have been with us for a while already). They are excited to find a way to give back and offer their help as a new partner.

If you are a software company <who wants to join this program> [DRP - interested in working more closely with the Drupal community], please contact Don Page