Lingotek 7.x-7.00 Release Notes

Introducing version 7.x-7.00 of the Lingotek Translation module for Drupal! With this release come language-specific translation profiles, along with several other significant new features. Please note also the format of XML documents for entities uploaded to and downloaded from Lingotek has changed with this new version; so before making any changes to translations on the Lingotek TMS, the source document related to the changes should first be re-uploaded. The major improvements to the module in this release include the following:

- With language-specific profiles, you are able to assign (for example) English articles to be translated automatically into Spanish, French, and German, while Spanish articles may be translated into French and German only and the French and German target languages can be set to automatically use different translation workflows.

- All Drupal fields can now be enabled for translation through Lingotek, including custom field types! You are now able to specify which field types you want to be translatable and which parts of those fields should be included for translation.

- Any custom content can be attached to entities for translation through a series of new Drupal hooks in the module. These may be used to include translation of custom properties, related content not part of an entity, or anything else you want to associate with entities for translation.

- Metatag translation is now enabled with the click of a button.

This release also contains many additional improvements and bug fixes.

Please click here for the full list of changes to the module since version 7.x-6.02.



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