Lingotek-Drupal Module Features


Image used with permission. Courtesy of Hubble Site, STScI. Emission Nebula NGC6357


With Lingotek's advanced technology, translate entities – such as field labels and interface strings - formerly locked into the code.


Fine tune your translation preferences by language and by content type. 


Automate translations for:

  • Drupal Entities (e.g. nodes, comments)
  • Drupal Menus
  • Drupal Blocks
  • Drupal Field Collections
  • Drupal t() function strings within modules, themes, or JavaScript
  • Custom properties and content
  • Taxonomy, Views, Field Labels, Built-in Interface, Miscellaneous Strings
  • …and more!


Find flexible options:

  • Fine-tune translation preferences by content type and by language
  • Easily prepare your Drupal site for translation with the Lingotek wizard
  • Optionally lock translated items so they cannot be changed
  • Send automatic email alerts
  • Choose automatic triggers for the next workflow phase
  • Automatically download completed translations to your corporate website for in-context review or immediate publishing


Choose bulk settings for language profiles:

  • Choose default source/target languages for each language profile
  • Choose translators, project managers


Automate publishing options:

  • Easily automate translations for low-value content and zero in on high-value content.
  • Add extra translation steps for high value content (e.g. Basic Pages, Articles) and high value languages
  • Set up machine translation for low value content (e.g. Blog posts, Customer Comments) or low value languages (e.g. fringe markets)
  • Choose default target languages, based on the source language:
    e.g. Translate English articles into Spanish, French, German; translate French articles into English only
  • Automatically publish low value content (e.g. Blogs); manually publish high value content (e.g. Pages)





Supported Modules:
Entity Translation, Field Collection, Fieldable Panels Panes (beta), Message, Metatag, Panels, Pathauto, Rules, Workbench Moderation