Major Drupal Release 7 X 4 03

This release includes the following major features:

Content management page

Manage Translations

The new content management page provides an easy, yet powerful way to manage your multilingual assets. For example, you can now...

  • Search multilingual content in any language
  • Upload specified pages for translation in bulk
  • Download completed translations
  • Check in-progress translations
  • Edit translation settings in bulk
  • Search, sort, and view document meta-data

Translation profiles that can be associated with content-types (or even specific nodes)

Translation Profiles

The option to use node-based storage for translations (field-based translation will continue to be the recommended method, of course).

Translation Storage

Furthermore, various fixes and improvements like simplifying permissions and adding more efficient and faster API interactions. and performing local content change detection to optimize when to automatically send content for translation.

Download the Code


That's great that we can upload in bulk now. Such a huge time saver! Thanks!