Lingotek Drupal 模块功能


精简与 Lingotek 的最近更新 Lingotek Drupal 翻译模块的 Drupal 内容的翻译过程。

以先进的技术,翻译实体 — — 例如,字段标签和界面字符串-以前锁定的代码。 此最新版本提供了灵活性,以微调您的翻译首选项按内容类型和语言。 很容易自动化翻译为低价值的内容并零上高价值的内容。


Lingotek 7.x-7.00 Release Notes

Introducing version 7.x-7.00 of the Lingotek Translation module for Drupal! With this release come language-specific translation profiles, along with several other significant new features. Please note also the format of XML documents for entities uploaded to and downloaded from Lingotek has changed with this new version; so before making any changes to translations on the Lingotek TMS, the source document related to the changes should first be re-uploaded. The major improvements to the module in this release include the following:

Lingotek Inside Drupal - In Context Review

Performing in-context review is easy using the Lingotek Translation module for Drupal.

Translations are automatically put back into your Drupal web site as soon as they have been created so there is no need for a proxy service. Once translated content has been pushed back to the Drupal web site, you can view it in-context before publishing the translation to all users. To make any last-minute changes as part of your review, you simply click on the Lingotek icon next to the content. This action will open the Lingotek Translation Management System (TMS) workbench where you can make edits, save, and then refresh the Drupal page to immediately see your changes.

Free Machine Translation With In Context Review

Lingotek has offered free machine translation and post-edit to the entire Drupal community free of charge. Using the Lingotek Translation module, users can machine translate their entire site and also make changes to that translation using the Lingotek workbench. Here’s how you can take advantage of this awesome free option:

扩大与 Lingotek 的编辑工作流

Lingotek 有一段时间,支持工作台温和,虽然 7.x 5.00 和我们充分整合与规则模块允许 Lingotek 充分扩展到工作台温和,或任何其他的版本了,使用的规则 !
工作台节制外框允许您设置非常巧妙的编辑工作流程,开始与-> 可靠草案审查需要-> 发布模型。 这不过不支持此内容的翻译,因为它没有翻译工作流,直到现在。 在下面的视频推荐的步骤,您可以集成您的编辑工作流和翻译工作流,以方便管理多语言网站。


How Do You Know When You Need A TMS?

At some point in time, every global organization must ask themselves the question: Is it time for us to invest in a Translation Management System? The answer to this question depends largely on what your multilingual content needs are. To help determine if you’d benefit from a TMS, let’s take a look at some of the key features that a TMS provides.

Key Features Of A TMS

Key Features of a TMS

Translation Of Drupal's Field Collections Entity Type

As the number of Drupal clients to the Lingotek service continues to rise, we have come across many who are using the popular Field Collections module to add structure and functionality to their web content. Lingotek's goal with the Lingotek Translation module for Drupal is to dramatically simplify the process of translating an entire site.

介绍 Drupal 协会技术合作伙伴计划

转载自 是 9.24.13

问问,您应收到 !Drupal 技术合作伙伴计划

我们动身去找轻量级的方式来吸引这些类型的公司,所以他们可以接触和教育社会人士对他们的技术,他们解决什么问题以及如何它们与其他技术集成。 我们决定最好的方式来创建双赢是伙伴合作计划,所以我们创建了 Drupal 技术合作伙伴计划。 合作伙伴能赢是因为他们得到结构化的方式回馈和社区成员想要了解他们与沟通。 这种通信从 Drupal 协会发布新的可用的教育材料和 DrupalCon (无变桨) 网络研讨会赞助折扣范围。 社会赢得新的机会去学习,因为和伙伴加入进一步资金付会员费,我们的 科技团队和改进。

为什么翻译 Web 内容是重要的

比以往任何时候更重要的是全球化的在线内容。 总在线世界各地消费者的购买力是将近 $ 50 兆,最近的常识咨询报告发现。 三年前,企业必须将内容翻译成 37 种语言要达到 98%的因特网用户。 今天花 48 种语言来达到相同数量的用户。

为寻求增加全球市场份额的公司,"翻译频繁和快速"是游戏的名称。 今天的内容是动态和不断变化,内容涵盖从社交媒体网站到公司论坛新闻发布。 高质量的翻译和本地化,企业可以在世界各地定制内容给消费者。